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Welcome to the Valley Ballooning Flight Status page. Flight statuses are updated twice daily when flights are scheduled. Statuses for morning flights are normally posted by 2:30pm the day before the scheduled flight. Evening flight statuses are normally posted by 11:30am on the day of the flight. Occasionally, the flight status will be updated at a later time due to a questionable forecast. Please check your flight status below.

Date Meeting time Status Next Update Details
Sept 17, 2018 5:10 pm CANCELLED none RAIN
Sept 18, 2018 6:20 am CANCELLED none WET/FOG
Sept 18, 2018 5:10 pm CANCELLED none WIND/WET
Sept , 2018 6:10 am

*Marginal weather forecasts indicate that there is a 50% chance of flying. In this case, most often the decision will be left to the passengers as to whether or not they still desire to meet due to the marginal forecast. If your flight status or details indicate "MARGINAL" please RSVP to Don at (540) 975-0192 to confirm your meeting status.

IMPORTANT: If you need to know your flight status and it has not been updated please contact Don at (540) 975-0192 before you come to confirm your meeting status. If the flight status page has not been updated and you cannot get a hold of Don, do not drive out to meet for the flight.

This message was last updated at Sept 17, 10:07 am, 2018


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